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as u.s. and european countries continue pounding targets across -- targets across lib yeah. linda so is standing -- libya. linda so is standing by with the latest. >> reporter: he is vowing to fight long war but there's a strong message that he is not safe. u.s. and allied forces struck his compound just yards from his tent. the u.s. says he was not a target but the goal was to take out his military capabilities. it's unclear where he was during the attack. this is the second day of air strikes. international force pound the targets with cruise missiles stealth bombers and fighter jets. the u.s. says a no-fly zone is in place and will hand over control of the military operation to a european or nato led coalition in days. >> we will continue to support the coalition. we will be a member of the coalition. we will have a military role in the coalition. but we will not have the preeminent role. >> reporter: a u.s. official says he is not sure how long this military effort in libya will last or if qaddafi will step down. if you go to abc2news.com, we have posted the latest on the main pa
desperation shots. did you see the butler game? thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. charley is on go in st. michael, lucky guy because the weather will be beautiful today. meteorologist lynette charles is filling in for justin berk. always lovely to have you here. >> thank you. i love being here with you guys. we are looking at some fabulous weather for today. fabulous friday. we will take it. we will going to be way above average and warm. temperatures in the mid-70s. it's going to be a little breezy but so what. we have sunshine out there. we have temperatures in the mid- 70s. we have a chance for showers possible early on saturday. but they get out quickly. if they do come, we will see high pressure bring in the sunshine. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, it will stay dry throughout the day. make sure to get out and take advantage of today because you know what, a good thing never last too long. in jefferson, the temperature is coming in at 48 degrees. the winds are not so bad, but they will be picking up going throughout the day. we could see temperatures elsewhere ba
law enforcement. happy st. patrick's day and thanks for joining us. >> the early birds are getting the worm. >> it's going to be a long day. >> the guinness. it's going to be a long day. it could be a beautiful one. let's check in with meteorologist justin berk. >> nice weather to not stand in our way. we are looking at temperatures that start us off this morning above normal. it's going to be cool. 45 in rock hall and dundalk. 36 degrees in ellicott city. take you back to frederick county and i will be out there talking to the kids at the friends meeting school about weather. we are excited about that. we are looking at a decent weather pattern for the next couple days. we will be talking about dry warming winds giving us sunshine today and tomorrow. we start off with st. patrick's day hour by hour. mid-40s by eight. lunchtime, 60 a-65 -- and 65 this afternoon. kim brown has traffic. >> reporter: thanks, justin. increasing volume in certain areas pushing speeds down just a tad. looking live at 695 on the outer loop at liberty road on the right-hand side. , traffic is picking up sl
for joining us. march 4th, i am megan pringle. i am charley crowson. let's get a look at forecast with justin berk. how is it going. >> reporter: it's okay. the law of averages we have had 60s in the middle of the week and 30s yesterday. and sunshine for a few days. if you see the trend, we are heading towards a cloudy period. it clouded up overnight. we are getting stuck with a lot of cloud the next few days. annapolis, 29. same story in rock hall and freezing at edgemere's 32s. but in the 20s from perry hall and carroll county. we are dry despite the cloudy skies. we have five sweeps across the chesapeake and there's no rain to speak of yet. we do have a very, very wet pattern leading into the second half of the weekend of the we will discuss it in a moment. here kim at 6 a.m. to talk about traffic. >> reporter: traffic is look very good to begin the friday morning as we look live at area roadways. traffic is moving well across the beltway. 695 at providence road, very light volume. no delays and no major problems. 95 looking good from mountain road towards 695 and no issues on the harrisbu
engulfs everything in this area. again, reports are telling us at least 29 people killed so far. but that death toll could go up as they go in there and search for survivors, people buildings washed away cars washed-up with bridges and marylanders are being affected by what's happened. a tsunami warning has gone into place in hawaii and other parts of the west coast. dave used to live in baltimore and he was the former gm of the ed block crnlg awards and joins us live via skype from hawaii -- block courage awards and joins us live via skype from hawaii. can you tell us what's happening there? dave, can you hear us? can you set the scene for what you are seeing? dave k. you hear us? >> barely. >> can you tell us what's going on there. >> yes. they have this tsunami warning. it's 1:01 here in the morning. and the tsunami warning has come and they said the impact is supposed to be at 3:07 for the hawaiian islands. and the last word report that i heard is it's going to be to be a 6 -- it's going to be a 6 foot wall of water hitting the island. >> is there panic as far as gas prices?
the mission in libya. those stories are just ahead. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. snow in parts of maryland. justin has video to prove it. we didn't see any. early morning -- what do we have in store for the workweek. >> some you have may have noticed there were -- they were pretreating the highways in northern maryland on saturday night for the sunday morning anticipation of snow. while we mised that event, it may -- mised that event, it may -- missed that event, it may not have gone to waste. we have two more chances. if you want to see the snow, there's ocean city. this is what charley talked about. three inches on the beachs. one report up to # inches that -- four inches that melted away. it can stick this and if we get something here, it could stick here as well. what is falling today in virginia should stay south of rich mand and roanoke. we get clouds out of this and 48 in the afternoon. well below normal. we talk about the next shot of snow coming up. here's kim with a look at traffic. >> reporter: justin, an earlier
rawlings-blake will present her proposal for the budget later this morning. linda so joins us this morning with a preview of what to expect. linda. >> reporter: well, you don't need to hold your breath like last year. there's no talk of major cuts to police or fire or massive layoffs. this year's numbers are a lot better. but there are still cuts that need to be made. those cuts are necessary to close the 65 million dollar shortfall. far less drastic than the 121 million deficit the city faced the last year. mayor rawlings blake is proposing targeted cuts to fill the gaps. here they are. her 2.7 billion dollar budget doesn't raise taxes. but it does look to cut hours at city schools. pools would run on a staggered scheduled and hours at the city 311 call center would be reduced. the mayor wants to keep all rec centers but is inviting nonprofit groups to run a third of them to cut down on cost. funding to city schools wouldn't be cut. as for city workers, most won't have to worry about layoffs, the mayor looks to get rid of 4 hup had been vacant positions and will -- 400 vacant positions an
lanes. so expect delays or use 95 as an alternate. looking live at route 29 at route 32 in howard couldn't quirks no issues between howard and -- county, no issues between howard county. we have a water main break in towson alganey avenue at baltimore avenue -- alganey avenue at baltimore -- allegany avenue at baltimore avenue. >>> rescue workers are digging out survivors in the devastated coastal towns of japan. every morning, news is more grim than the day before. linda so joins us p with the latest on the rescue efforts going on right now -- joins us with the latest on the rescue efforts going on right now. >> reporter: the late of the official death toll climbed to 2800 and it's getting worse. this morning, a japanese police official says 1,000 bodies washed ashore in one of the areas hardest hit by the tsunami e he thinks an estimated 10,000 people died -- he thinks an estimated 10,000 people died in his prove ns along. there was another -- province alone. a second explosion happened in three days. 11 people were hurt and it's unclear if radiation leaked during the explosion. new im
sherrie johnson joins us with how this effect people here in maryland. sherrie. >> reporter: there are strong indications some of the radio activity in japan is coming from damaged nuclear fuel rods. this is the big problem in trying to bring the power plant under control. and some 9,000 miles away from japan, right here in maryland, state health officials say marylanders have little to worry about even though radio activity from tokyo's nuclear facilities is already here. the state has tested the public water system, but found very small amounts of radioactive materials. experts say we live with low levels of radiation coming from rocks and humans and the environment every day. officials say the traces of plutonium pose no immediate threat to public health. but there is frustration that the nuclear plant has been unable to stop the crisis more than two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami damaged the plant. >> you -- dish think it's unfortunate it spread over to the united states because japan depends on nuclear energy and i think it's unfair people are blaming them for w
a new study shows how nasty those carts can be. it's gross. thank you for joining us. it's thursday, march 3. >> that story has me ringing my hands. you have been warned. let's check the forecast. >>> some of you will be chilly today compared to yesterday. we hit 62. we're in the 20s now. officially in baltimore we're at 26 degrees. it's 19 in york. 30 in southern maryland. we're checking out a day that will be mostly sunny. this afternoon high of 39 degrees. you may hit 40 in nap were his. coming up, we'll talk about my visit to the ltrc tots program in baltimore county. i had a good time. right now let's talk about traffic. >>> not much traffic to talk about right now. the chute is off to a very good start. the beltway 695 at providence road, from parkville into towson, outer loop traffic moving very well. no reported delays or accidents. the knife nieft corridor checking in pretty good. the i-95 corridor check income pretty good. winston avenue closed at ivan hoe avenue because of a house fire. water main break repairs in pikesville affecting the southbound lanes of park heights
in maryland may soon change. >>> thanks for joining us this morning. >> speaking of the weekend, the rain wouldn't stop on sunday. we woke to start our monday, flurries and snow in the area. >> in certain areas. justin said it was a dicey ride in this morning. >> the roads were okay, some places on the slide were starting to slicken up. you're going to wake up with a fresh coating of snow on the ground, north of butler road and 83. westminster, manchester, looks like you have a fresh coating on the lawn, a coating of snow, that is. surprise, surprise. nothing right now on our radar. temperatures are definitely cold enough. we're down to 30 degrees in manchester, even freezing in annapolis. perry hall, we've got a freezing temperature. what was wet, if you parked outside, may be icy this morning. you may be scraping something off the windshield, like our very own kim brown had to do this morning. >>> how's the traffic right now? >> i was disappointed to break out the ice scraper this morning. you may have to let the car warm up this morning. we had earlier incidents that have bee
about the next storm to bring us rain and a big spring warmup behind it. check out the temperatures in just a moment. right now, let's check out traffic with kim. >> reporter: thanks. we are starting to see volume pick up around the baltimore metro. and it is having minor delays but we are looking at a serious accident here. this is 95 south at van duesen road for those heading towards the capital beltway. it's blocking the two middle lanes. delays back to route 1 the 8 and traffic slows -- 198 and traffic begins to slow. so use the bw parkway as an alternate. we are incident and problem free around 695, 95 looks good through harford and baltimore county and howard county as well. no issues reported on the harrisburg or jfx. now back to you. >> it's getting worse in japan. fierce of radiation are gripping the country. we have learned that a maryland woman was in japan when thequake and tsunami hit. we have the latest on how she is doing. linda. >> reporter: from what we know so far, woman from salisbury is alive and safe. ashleigh debord was northeast of toyo in one of the areas har
on this tuesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's start with a look at your forecast. and for that, say good morning to meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. yesterday's thunderstorm with vivid lightning we captured on the cameras. even hail. this morning it's quiet and we have fog. i want to take maryland's most powerful doppler radar and take you up towards westminster. i will be there visiting the students at east middle school. wanted to give them a recap of what they had yesterday because after we started off with the thunderstorm, this was the afternoon by the high school on the field playing lacrosse. that's the way spring should be right? this morning, we got a little fog. they are down to 44 as we say good morning to east middle school in westminster. and that is the name that has the bases covered by the way. left to right and everything in the middle. light wind this morning. we have a little fog. we will have some sun mixed in. and the clouds return and we will aim for 60 this afternoon. rain showers tonight and more on r
annapolis. we have more on that. good wednesday morning, thanks for joining us in the middle of the week. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's get started with the forecast and say good morning to justin berk. >>> all right. good morning to you. you know, march 1st was pretty nice. we will try to do it again. [ low audio from station ] >> clear skies this morning. we are basically looking at south wind 9 miles per hour. and that wind will help to boost the temperatures back up. it's a mostly clear setup here. and dry on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we are expecting to have temperatures to jump up to 53 by lunchtime. you may want to take something out this afternoon. but you may want to hold on as well. the winds will pick up 20 to 30 miles per hour to get us to the two degree guaranteed high of 58. we will check out a cooldown tomorrow and the weekend outlook in moment. here kim with traffic. >> reporter: heading towards the dc metro this morning, you will find 95 all good from route 32 in howard county toward the capital beltway. no problems reported
is towards us on the left. running at speed but thick to the harrisburg being pressway. west -- hairesburg, pressway. -- hairesburg, -- harris bushing burling expressway -- harrisburg expressway. >>> breaking news this morning to tell you about. the body of a missing san diego state university student austin taylor byce has been found in spain. investigators say he was found in a river and at this point they say that there are signs of foul play. mourners had just held a candlelight vigil in san diego last night. he days pared in a spanish capital after being out with friend for the night. >>> -- disappeared in the spanish capital after being out with friend for night. >>> there are questions about crime and schools and linda so is standing by with the latest. >> reporter: councilman carl stokes says if you cut the property tax, people will come. it's a plan that worked in big seties like boston and san francisco. here in baltimore city, the city has higher tax rates than most surrounding counties. the councilman stokes wants to cut that city tax rate by 15 cents a year over the next four
for joining us. i am megan pringle. charley is off today but justin is here. he is anxious to tell you about a change in the -- tell you about a change in the weather. >> there's so much going on in the weather. we will start off with rain this morning. we have had come through early and it passed by. a couple showers trying to come back out of the mountains. severe weather could break out this afternoon. 38 right now in perry hall, and owings mills. i've got a picture from my visit last week to the student at the friends meeting school. stick by for that. basically, today, we are looking at some wet roads this morning. it appears as if we will have athreat of severe weather breaking out rolling into the afternoon. there's 55 degrees for the two degree guaranteed high and it could contain damaging winds and large hail and an isolated twister. more on that and the snow to follow in a moment. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. well, this morning we are looking at delays southbound 295 as you approach nursery road from the beltway because of an earlier accident affecting the northbou
of us. we have got pretty hefty rains across the area. while we are watching the rain gauges for all of you across maryland, we have top spots up here. if you watched last hour, we had churchville at harford technical high school up with just about 3/4 of an inch of rain. they are about to push one full inch. just since midnight. man chester in carroll county, .65 and over a half an inch. we have hefty rains. let's show you one of the areas we are concerned with. perryville and port deposit, the susquehanna river. heavy rain will be coming down with additional snow melt from pennsylvania. the kind of -- cono wingo dam will open up gates in addition to the other water levels rising up. and yes, still on target for two to four inches of rain. look at heavy rain right now. look at this heavy rain. now pushing on in through anne arundel county. from annapolis north and we have got it north of shady shied. but annapolis and ritchie highway and severna park and pasadena. there's more on the way. and we have a wet day. maybe ease up for a few hours. but the breeze will be with-- maybe easin
to warn you about the guy. linda so joins us to tell us more about the man that policeagencies and fbi are eager to catch. linda. >> reporter: well, he is tied to at least 17 rapes. police say he attacked women and girls in four states including right here in maryland. now police hope his image on electronic billboards will help them track down the serial rapist. the billboards went up this week all along the east coast. police say he is attacked women in maryland, virginia, rhode island, and connecticut since the 1990s. his identity is still unknown, but police are hoping a website called east coast rapist.com will bring in tips to break the case. his last known attack happened a year and a half ago on halloween night in dale city, virginia. police say he attacked three teen girls going home after a night of trick or treating. >> he was armed with a handgun and mask and led them into a wood area where he sexually assaulted the girls. >> reporter: so far police have ruled out 700 suspects. they are hoping this renewed push to catch the east coast rapist will lead to a tip to tie it tog
serving school superintendent. nancy grasmick wants to take a vacation. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's see how the last day will be weather wise. it's opening day. baltimore is not until monday. we will worry about that down the road. let's check in with justin. >> going out roaring like a lion, the eastern u.s. and we have got some images to show you of the snow nearby baltimore. yesterday including reisterstown. we have some snow video for you and i will be up in reisterstown this morning at franklin middle school. we have lots to talk about with the students there. 37 this morning easton and baltimore. roads are wet even towards hagerstown and new york where they picked up a half inch or so of snow. the roads are wet. that's high expectations. we have leftover drizzle and we are expecting a mild day at least by the standards of what we thought last night. 46 today, rain tries to redevelop mixing with more snow again same places tonight. we will talk about that coming up. here's kim brown with the traffic. >> reporter: thanks. very glad this mo
. patients can doctor shop under the radar. maryland secretary of health dr. joshua sharfstein gives us early word of a prescription monitoring program under consideration. >> the program does not keep patients who really need medicine from getting it. what it does is helps the states identify those who are abusing the system and selling prescription drugs. >> prescription drug abuse has grown in the past five years. numbers that will be announced in the news conference this afternoon. the state legislature must give final approval. >>> ryan gifford will reportedly being sentenced in june for sexually abusing a toddler. the 24-year-old worked out aplea idea pleads not felty but agrees not. >> challenge the state's evidence against him. he found -- the victim he's mom found him and his daughter in the shower in the house. >>> instead of cashing in a scratch off winning, the store owner is accused of stealing them and cashing them in herself. after getting a tip, investigators went to see what would happen when they tried to cash a winning ticket. the alarms went off but stone claimed this was
of us will be in the upper 20s. future radar indicates clear skies. clouds come in with some snow early morning on saturday. that's system passing to the south. another hit behind that saturday night through sunday. it could bring a slushy accumulation of snow near and especially north of baltimore. 42 on saturday. only 38 a very chilly end to the weekend on sunday kim. >> reporter: justin, as you travel around, the baltimore beltway, all lanes are open. no reported problems or accidents just building volume causing minor delays. looking live at 695 at wilkins avenue, it's looking good on both loops. outer loop looks good towards 95 with increased volume heading up towards i-70. an accident southbound on the harrisburg expressway approaching the beltway. lingering police activity is off to the shoulder. drivers are slowing down to take a look at that. it will take 6 minutes towards 695. 95 southbound running well from white marsh towards the beltway. that's another six-minute trip. we have lingering incidents including an accident in elk ridge montgomery road remains closed at marshally
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